Tangerine and Spring

Tangerine and Spring

A few thoughts for an early spring jewelry day here in Chicago…All I have been hearing is how the hot color this year is tangerine. It has become ubiquitous in the fashion news, and jewelry publications as well. Unless I am beginning to lose my ability to sort out colors, there does not seem, however, an overwhelming rush to fashionise into pumpkin. The most remarkable presence of the color was Kate Middleton’s tangerine leather .

Phoenix, Here we come!!

We are off to Phoenix the end of January for the annual Centurion Show. This year we are looking forward to a new, fresh venue. We have some very exciting gemstones to show, including a 3.53 cts natural unheated and untreated Padparadscha sapphire. This type of sapphire is an intense pinkish orange color and is very rare. If you are a retail store and wish to see our full line of jewelry, please email .


Dear Friends, I am pleased to present you with our newly revised website with the hope you find it user friendly and informative. We continue to omit pricing due to the volatility of gemstone and metal markets although a password protected price list may be possible in the future. Your thoughts on this are appreciated. On another matter our sympathy goes out to our friends and associates in Thailand where sustained flooding throughout the .