Tangerine and Spring

A few thoughts for an early spring jewelry day here in Chicago…All I have been hearing is how the hot color this year is tangerine. It has become ubiquitous in the fashion news, and jewelry publications as well. Unless I am beginning to lose my ability to sort out colors, there does not seem, however, an overwhelming rush to fashionise into pumpkin. The most remarkable presence of the color was Kate Middleton’s tangerine leather pants that she wore during a field hockey demonstration. Furniture ads are showing orange sofas, loungers, as well as orange laminate shelving, if you can believe that. Personally, I am gearing for the next big color splash that I am calling Bloody Velvet Red. If that happens at least we will have a greater number of complementary gemstone choices. How about some red emerald?

If you have not seen the world’s first diamond ring, it is pictured below. This 150 ct honker is lasered out of a single piece of diamond rough with some conventional cutting and polishing as well. It is the product of Sawash Jewelry of Switzerland and is available for U.S. $70 million dollars. Just make sure you are a stock size!

150 carat diamond ring article

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James Breski